About Assemble

Assemble formed in 2010 as a real estate development group with the goal of delivering well-designed housing projects in Melbourne. We could see an enormous demand for small footprint living in well-designed apartments that held community and sustainability at its heart. We believe that, through good design, a vertical life can be enriching, engaging and socially responsible.

Our combined experience spans property, construction, finance, investment, architecture, asset operations, community management, publishing, communications and advocacy. We believe this makes us a formidable and visionary force within the Australian development scene. One that operates in our current and future residents’ interests, and with ultimate respect for the environment and surrounding community.

Our values and ideas find a voice in Assemble Papers, our online and biannual print journal focused on design, architecture, urbanism, the environment and financial matters. Through Assemble Papers and Assemble’s first project in Clifton Hill, we have built a committed following of tens of thousands of Australians who share in our approach and philosophy of an Assemble way of life.

Join us as we continue to build resilient and enduring communities in Melbourne.

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