Financial Coaching & Support

We’re always thinking about how we can do more for our residents.
Taking the learnings of 2020 onboard, we’ve put into place the following initiatives that provide the balance of flexibility and stability that remains intrinsic to Assemble Futures.

Financial coaching

As part of the Assemble Futures program, we provide all residents with free financial coaching and support, from the time you sign your lease and throughout the rental period.

The Financial Coaching Program is designed to help you improve financial literacy and wellbeing and set you on the path to owning your home. Our financial coaching is based around three key pillars for financial wellbeing.

What is included in Assemble’s financial coaching?

+Your dedicated Financial Coach

+Private coaching session for your household

+Group workshops with your neighbours

+Useful online tools to help you along the way including Coach’s corner education emails and blogs

+A private group on Facebook to give and receive support

+Encouragement and support throughout the program

Reducing your cost of living

Helping you save on everyday essentials.

Whether it’s utilities or groceries, we source everyday goods form the best local suppliers, and leverage economies of scale to offer the best value for money to residents. From renewable energy, to coffee, to toilet paper, our bulk buying initiatives will help you save up to 20% on your cost of living.

As part of our first phase of the bulk-buying initiatives, we are excited to announce partnerships with Thankyou, Who Gives a Crap, GoGet and Everyday Coffee. All these companies have fantastic products or services with values that align closely to our own.

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