Assemble is now Climate Active certified for its business operations

November 15, 2022


We’re proud to announce our recent Climate Active certification for our business operations here at Assemble.  

Climate Active is a partnership between the Australian Government and Australian businesses to drive voluntary climate action and is the most rigorous and credible carbon neutral certification available. 

Through data collection and carbon assessments, the development and implementation of emissions minimisation strategies and investing in an accredited carbon offset project, Assemble’s business operations are now certified carbon neutral. 

From the energy we use to power our office to the professional services we choose to engage; we have made choices and changes to the way we do business to ensure our carbon emissions are equal to zero. 



For the past year, Assemble’s Net Zero Working Group have been working closely with sustainability consultants Rewild to undertake a company-wide carbon audit, to inform and help develop our FY22/23 Net Zero Action Plan and to collate and submit our Climate Active application.

“It’s fantastic to see a company like Assemble so committed to understanding the complexity behind carbon accounting and the intricacies of achieving carbon neutrality – including what it takes to implement a meaningful emissions reduction strategy before supporting high-integrity offset projects that align with wider social and governance objectives.”  said Abbie Freestone, Founder and Director at Rewild.

The results from a company-wide carbon audit provided eye-opening insights about our emissions and where we could make improvements. Our scope 3 emissions, the indirect emissions from activities such as professional services, staff transport or WFH energy consumption, accounted for 95% of our carbon impact for FY2021.  

Prioritising carbon neutral service providers and encouraging staff to choose 100% GreenPower for their homes are just some measures introduced to reduce emissions for the years ahead.

We are proud to have achieved this important first step in our journey towards reducing our operational and embodied carbon emissions.” said Maggie McKeand, Assemble’s Head of Impact and Engagement.

Looking beyond our organisation and to our built communities, we’re now shifting focus to achieve net zero operational carbon across all our projects and progressing our long-term ambitions towards net zero embodied carbon for all future Assemble buildings. 

Additionally, we’ll be working closely with our major partners on decarbonisation strategies to determine best practice and monitoring across our future construction sites.

Find out more about our carbon neutral status on the Climate Active website or read about our ambitions for a low-carbon future with our ESG FY21 Impact Report here. 

Assemble HQ image by Tom Ross, 2021.