Emma Telfer appointed as Director of Culture & Strategy

December 15, 2019

Having been involved with Assemble and Assemble Papers in an advisory role for more than a year now, we’re pleased to share that Emma Telfer has come on board in a full-time role as Director of Culture and Strategy.

Emma has joined our team after spending the past three years in an Executive Director role (and two years prior as Creative Director) at Open House Melbourne – a public architecture organisation focused on increasing public design literacy and engagement in critical city issues.

A passionate urbanist and culture leader, Emma is deeply interested in the role housing strategy, urban design and architecture plays in shaping our cities and communities.

“​​I’m interested in how we address the challenge of continuing to innovate housing solutions while also doing so in an ethical and socially responsible manner. I think Assemble is the right place to tackle that challenge.”

Emma Telfer, Director of Culture & Strategy

As our Director of Culture & Strategy, Emma will lead all brand, community engagement, and cultural initiatives across the business. We’re incredibly excited to have her on board.