Understanding my ‘why’

January 21, 2020

Am I ‘interested’ or am I ‘committed’?

This is a really powerful question to ask ourselves when we’re setting a goal.

If your goal is something that you’re interested in, you will do what is convenient, what’s easy, what everyone does.

But if you’re committed, you will achieve whatever goals you want to achieve no matter what because you’ll do anything that it takes to get there!

By asking yourself this question it will help to tap into the emotion behind why we want to achieve that goal. Why we have a desire to own our own home.

Everything that we do is linked to an emotion – so when it comes to owning your own home, do you know the feeling that you’re trying to achieve?

Connecting with the reason why this is so important to you will help you understand your motivation behind it and strengthen that feeling of commitment to your goals.

Please download the “Understanding my ‘why’” exercise below to help identify why you are committed to achieving your home ownership goal.


Understanding My Why


Instruction notes:  If you don’t have access to a printer, open the file with Adobe Reader then click ‘Fill & Sign’ to add text to the document. To paste an image into the file, please follow the steps below:

Step 1
Copy the image you want to paste to your clipboard (right click ‘copy image’ on internet or use a snipping/screenshot tool).


Step 2
Open the comment toolbar in Adobe Reader and click the stamp icon. Select from drop down options ‘Place clipboard image as stamp tool’. Use your mouse to draw a box where you want the image to sit.


In addition to the above, if you missed our group session back in January, we have created a short 10 minute explanation of the “Understanding my ‘why'” exercise to talk you through the the process. You can listen-in to the exercise directly below: