Chasing financial security…

October 8, 2020

It’s a basic human need to feel secure. We want to feel certain. We often spend a lot of our time trying to make sure we know what’s coming next.

The same can be said for our finances. We want to feel like we are in control of our situation, that we have choices.

Financial security is something we’re often chasing, but have you ever stopped to check on whether those goals are even your own? Whether it’s something that you used to hear your parents say, or what society says you’re supposed to want, it’s possible that you’re focusing all your attention on achieving someone else’s idea of financial security.

Sitting down to work out what you need for your own sense of financial security can save you years of misaligned focus and attention.

Is 3 months of income set aside for emergencies enough to make you feel safe or do you need 6?

Have you fully calculated the figures to know whether that investment property you’re chasing will achieve your financial goals?

What do you specifically need to achieve before you can slow down and smell the roses?

Be sure that you have put some thought into what it means to you personally so that your goals are in alignment with your actions because, let’s be honest, achieving someone else’s idea of financial security is unlikely to make you happy.

We’ve created this exercise to help you get clear and ensure you’re on the right path. By knowing exactly what you want and having the right steps in place to achieve it, it’ll be a lot easier to stay motivated long term.

So grab a cup of tea, sit in your favourite chair and take the time to map out your own unique plan.


It’s so worth it..  let’s get started

Building financial security exercise