Happy Father’s Day Dad!

August 21, 2020

We’re going to have to get a little creative with how we celebrate Father’s Day this year, but it’s the perfect opportunity to prove that quality time really is the best way to spend a day! This certainly doesn’t mean that it has to be boring though so we’ve put together some ideas on how you can make it a great day, without having to blow the budget or depend on Australia Post to deliver on time.

So, whether you’re in isolation at home or setting up a zoom call with your Dad, here are a few ways to spend the day:

  • Backyard picnic goals – Put together a beautiful picnic basket and create a backyard oasis for the perfect picnic lunch. Lay out lots of blankets and pillows for maximum comfort.
  • Say it with a shirt – Create the perfect t-shirt for Dad by grabbing one of his barely worn plain t-shirts and let the kids get crafty! Decorate it with love hearts and fun messages.
  • Vino for the win – Chat to your local bottleshop and ask them to recommend some low-cost wines. Buy a couple of different varieties to match your dinner for an in-home wine tasting.
  • Who’s the putting champion? – Get out the golf clubs and set up a backyard putting challenge. Playing for bragging rights of course!
  • I’ll just share my screen… – Put together a powerpoint presentation of your favourite photos of Dad to share via zoom.
  • Movie night – Grab your popcorn and have a movie night in. Let Dad pick the movie if you’re game!
  • All dressed up with nowhere to go – Clean and detail Dad’s car. It’s probably been a while between cleans.
  • Family Trivia Night – Get all the family on Zoom and have a fun night of trivia. You can use this fun random trivia generator or create your own Dad-themed quiz with Kahoot
  • Stars in your eyes – Download the “Stellarium” App to your phone, grab a warm blanket and settle in for a night of backyard stargazing.
  • Create your own grazing box – Organise a delicious box full of breakfast foods or perhaps a wine and cheese grazing box for the afternoon. If you’re not keen to make your own, you can support a local business by searching for #grazingbox on Instagram to find someone nearby.
  • Make sure you keep your head – A bit of shouting is inevitable with this game but so is the fun! Get the family together via Zoom and play a game of “Heads up” using the phone App.
  • Card challenge – There’s nothing like a game of cards with Dad so don’t let a bit of isolation stop you. Check out Playing Cards.io and let the challenge begin.

Wishing all the Dad’s a very happy and safe Father’s Day.