How and when to book your Private Coaching Sessions

August 5, 2020

A key part of Assemble’s financial coaching program are the private coaching sessions. The tailored financial coaching gives you the opportunity to discuss the individual circumstances of your household, set goals and learn about money mindset and behaviour.

Each household has several opportunities for 1-hour private coaching sessions throughout the initial construction period and during the 5-year lease period.

We also know that people’s circumstances can change quickly, so while saving for your home deposit we recommend a regular check-in with your progress to ensure that you’re on track to achieving your goals. This is why we have 30-minute check-in sessions available to residents at all times throughout the program too.

Below is the financial coaching program timeline that outlines the estimated timing for the group sessions, and availabilities for 1-hour private coaching sessions and 30-minute check-in sessions. Assemble’s financial coach is also available via email for any queries you may have – [email protected]

To book a coaching session, please use the links provided under the “Private Coaching” section on Coach’s Corner for the specific type of session you would like.