Group Session 1 Webinar Recordings

December 5, 2019

Session 1 – Part 1

In this video we discuss what is included in Assemble’s financial coaching program. You’ll meet your financial coach and go through how the bank calculates loan amounts. You’ll also be introduced to our first financial coaching tool, the ‘Savings Goal Tracker’, which will help you work out the weekly, fortnightly or monthly amounts that you will need to be saving for your home deposit.

Session 1 – Part 2

In this video we discuss Assemble’s 3 Pillars for Financial Wellbeing. We look at ways to reduce spending by creating a conscious spending experience with tips and tricks on keeping track of your money. We look at ways to eliminate any debt you may have and also provide two more DIY tools to assist you in getting clear on your current financial situation. With this information you will be able to set achievable goals moving forward. Lastly, we look at a faster way to get rid of any consumer debt. You’ll then have your first four steps to work toward financial wellbeing!