Track Your Savings

February 10, 2020

Achieving a long term goal can feel challenging if we don’t celebrate the small wins along the way. It’s important to acknowledge that we are making progress towards our goal to keep us motivated.

We’ve created this ‘savings goal’ print out for you to use, so you can keep track by colouring in your progress and celebrating the wins as you go. Be sure to set some rewards for yourselves as short term goals too. For example, when you hit $5,000 you’ll pop a bottle of sparkling and pat yourself on the back, or go out for dinner and celebrate how well you’re doing.

If you feel like sharing your goals with others who are participating in Assemble’s financial coaching, then feel free to share a snap of your ‘savings goal’ template in the financial coaching Facebook group when you hit a milestone so we can all celebrate with you!


Savings Goal – $10,000

Savings Goal – $25,000