What happens in a Private Coaching Session?

June 23, 2021

Assemble Private Coaching Sessions are all about meeting you where you are on your financial journey and providing guidance on how you can move forward from there. 

But what do we talk about?

Sarah has over 18 years’ experience in banking, real estate and money management. With many years working as a Mortgage Broker, she has a wealth of knowledge (pun intended!) on how you can best prepare your finances and be ready to buy your apartment when the time comes. Aside from mortgages though, there are lots of things that you can discuss. These include,

* Setting up your finances to maximise saving.
* Reviewing spending and using strategies to address any challenges.
* Debt reduction.
* Understanding your mindset towards money and how that affects your behaviour.
* Chatting through any financial concerns.
* Learning how to ask for a pay rise.
* Changes in employment due to covid.
* Looking at other ways to improve your financial future.
* Reviewing job opportunities and how it will affect your finances.
* Ways to find additional cash – like selling items or side hustle goals.
* Preparing for a loan application.
* Ensuring your savings are on target.
* Setting achievable goals.
* and much more.

Whatever your challenge or concern, our financial coach is here to support you with your financial goals. Each session involves chatting about what you need help with and then looking at the best way that we can support you to resolve any issues or achieve your financial goals, looking at both the practical and psychological aspects. Our aim is to help you to increase your financial literacy as you save for your home deposit, in the hope that this new knowledge will help you achieve your dream of home ownership and continue to help you throughout the rest of your life.

As a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, Sarah has many tools and strategies to assist you, so if you’d like to chat, feel free to book in a session now via the “Private Coaching” tab.