What is included in Assemble’s financial coaching?

November 1, 2019

Group Sessions – Educational seminars to help get you set up and running smoothly with your savings goals and to learn about relevant topics around money. There will also be further specialist seminars where we will bring in experts to assist with your understanding of various topics like mortgages and insurances.

Useful Tools – We will provide you with tools to help you get clear on your goals, budget your finances, forecast your cash-flow, understand your money mindset and track your progress along the way.

Coach’s Corner – Monthly emails providing further financial education, strategies and updates.

Private Facebook Group – A private community for Assemble residents who are all on a journey of financial education together. All future Assemble residents will be invited to join this Facebook group, so we look forward to a growing and active online community. You can join the Facebook group directly here.

Private Financial Coaching Sessions – Tailored one-on-one coaching with an experienced financial coach to discuss your individual circumstances, set goals and learn about money mindset and behaviour.

Encouragement & Support – We will work with you to help you stay on track to achieving your goals.