You’re in control of how you respond…

September 9, 2020

It’s important to remember that we always have control over one very important aspect of our lives – and that is how we respond.

In any given situation we are the ones who choose how we react, so be mindful that this is a choice that you’re making.

We can choose to be stressed and overwhelmed. Or we can choose to be informed and hopeful.

We can choose to be angry and feel victimised. Or we can choose to be proactive and resourceful.

We can choose to be sad and miserable. Or we can choose to be helpful and grateful.

We get to decide how we feel, so let’s choose feelings that support us because many others don’t realise that they too have a choice. At times when it seems like there is no hope, it’s the hopeful that carry us through.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day ?