Introducing Philippa Kelly, Assemble Board Member

October 4, 2021

Meet our new Board member, Philippa Kelly, who will share with our team some of her 30 years of experience in business.

Philippa is a full time non-executive director, and has experience with ASX listed, private and not-for-profit organisations. She is currently the Chair of Lifestyle Communities and a Non-Executive Director of oOh!media and Hub Australia and Deputy Chancellor of Deakin University. She has extensive experience in the property industry and ran the Juilliard Group business for 10 years until 2019.

Philippa’s career has had a transactional focus with a background in law and investment banking.

“I am attracted to working in growth businesses with a strong capital management model, a sense of purpose and offering a real benefit to the community. This has led me to work with ethos-driven businesses such as Lifestyle Communities, Deakin University and now Assemble.”

In her role as board member, Philippa will provide guidance on assessing our future growth opportunities, establishing our operating platform and leadership in governance matters such as Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG).

Philippa was introduced to our team through our cornerstone investor, AustralianSuper, and was a driver in informing our current board and governance structure and policies.

“Assemble and AustralianSuper share similar values and I’ve noticed the Assemble team’s behaviours are aligned with the vision to provide sustainable, well-designed homes, at scale, that address our nation’s enormous gap of affordable housing.”

“The Board’s role is to support the team to deliver its housing platform, and ensure they continue to create thriving communities which offer better housing choices for the people joining these communities.”

Philippa believes that culture is critical to the success of a business.

“I’ve observed the Assemble team believe in what they are doing – the culture of the team matches the aspiration of the business.”

“Business success is also about the ability to attract the best talent. If we maintain a laser-like focus at Assemble, in attracting and retaining the right people, it has the best opportunity to grow.

Philippa adds that continued and open conversations about gender and diversity can aid in building strong working environments.

“Matters around gender must be openly discussed and kept out on the table, to ensure that businesses do what they say they will do and remain accountable. Assemble is committed to gender equality and inclusion across the business, including mentorship and leadership training and these opportunities are what builds a better, stronger team.”

Philippa reflects that her career success has been built on being open to learning, especially from the new talent coming through the door who are focused on creating sustainable environments and caring for our world.

“I’m learning every single day, especially from the younger generations that come into the businesses I work with. I truly admire how they consider their future career, standing up for their own values and beliefs, and bringing this into their working environment.”