Meet Maddie, our Community Communications Coordinator

July 21, 2021

After spending the past few years as Content and Program Producer with our bi-annual print publication, Assemble Papers, Maddie joins our Community team as a Communications Coordinator.

In her new role, Maddie will be working with residents to build community connections and support them in their home ownership journey. Our resident Kiwi is also a naturally talented photographer and is often behind the lens at our community events.


What are you most looking forward to about your new role?
I’m excited to be moving towards a more front-facing role as a Communications Coordinator in our Community team and to get to know our amazing group of Assemble residents.

As a young person facing my own challenges of entering the housing market, it has been a pleasure to witness and be a part of Assemble’s innovative approach to solving Australia’s housing affordability crisis.

If the events of 2020 through to today have taught us anything, it’s that strong social connections and community are vital to our sense of belonging and play a key role in a house becoming a home. Once a building is under construction, there is still much work to be done – that’s where our Community team comes into play, and I’m so excited to be a part of that.

What part of the Community offering is the most exciting for future residents?
I have had the good fortune of participating in the Assemble Financial Coaching Program with our fantastic coach Sarah Matzouranis. I benefited hugely from this offering, and I’m very excited to help more residents get involved with the program, as it’s a really valuable tool in working towards homeownership.

What’s your favorite Assemble project and why?
 My favourite Assemble project is 393 Macaulay Rd, Kensington. It’s the ‘OG’ Assemble Futures project, and I love the design of the building by Fieldwork architects – the restoration of the old Art Deco heritage façade, the open-air internal walkways, and the proximity to one of my favourite restaurants, Laksa King in Flemington!

What would you recommend a potential applicant to or see in or near our communities to know if it’s right for them?
I’d start off by talking to the Relationships team at our head office. They have a wealth of knowledge in relation to our projects and their locations, and you’ll also get a feel for Assemble’s ethos and approach to design. We have a demo kitchen set up and run a lot of informative/casual events from the space that illustrate Assemble’s community building principles.

I’d also keep an eye out for upcoming Assemble events that you could partake in such as Meet the Architects or onsite construction tours of our projects, which offer a more in-depth look at our apartments and projects.

What is your favorite memory since starting at Assemble?
In the early days, we’d take turns cooking everyone breakfast on a Friday morning in the office. Things would get competitive and a little stressful in the kitchen, but goodness did we share some epic meals! Homemade scones, bagels with the lot and a traditional English breakfast were all on the menu.

Where can we find you when you’re not at Assemble!
I’m a big fan of multi-day tramping* – you can access so much more of nature on foot and it’s where I feel most grounded. I also love photography; you may have already spotted me with my other Assemble hat on behind the camera at one of our events. Other than that – swimming, cycling, gigs!

* What Kiwis call hiking


Maddie’s favourites!

All Blacks or Wallabies (to test your loyalty):
All Blacks, no doubt about it.

 Best summer drink:
 A good savvy-b – showing my kiwi roots here.

 Favourite edition and story of Assemble Papers:
 The latest edition (14) on the theme of work! Can’t wait for you all to see it.

My favourite story:
An interview I did recently with Yorta Yorta man and musician DRMNGNOW, a.k.a. Neil Morris.

Favourite photographer:
 @kumar_anu – a Melbourne-based photographer who takes the most beautiful portraits on film.

 Your ideal holiday:
 This is tricky but can’t go past a coastal getaway – nothing reminds us more, that we are a small part of something vast.

 Two people you’d really like to have dinner with:
Celia Pacquola & Geraldine Hickey for the laughs.

 A hidden gem everyone needs to know about:
 Cam’s Kiosk in the Abbotsford Convent is my all-time favourite. Beautiful food and a special space.

 And to settle the score: do we need more dog parks or a chicken coop in our communities?
 Probably dog parks given the amount of COVID dog adoptions!