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Assemble is dedicated to creating a better, fairer housing system. We deliver this through our purpose-built rental portfolio and Assemble Futures developments. Regardless of your desire to rent or own, your Assemble community is designed and constructed to the same high standard.

Build to Rent to Own | Assemble Futures

Our Build to Rent to Own (BTRTO) housing model is delivered through Assemble Futures.

Assemble Futures is a hybrid Build to Rent model offering stable rents, certainty of tenure, financial coaching, and community services. Residents have the option to purchase after a 5-year lease period at a pre-agreed price, creating a pathway to homeownership that supports Australians with a moderate income as defined by the Victorian State Government.

Our current portfolio includes three locations and 450 dwellings, including 393 Macaulay Rd. Kensington, 15 Thompson St. Kensington, and 4 Ballarat St. Brunswick.

Build to Rent

Our Build to Rent (BTR) model is offered through our Social and Affordable BTR and Essential Workers BTR 

Our social and affordable BTR model offers long term mixed-income rental accommodation, providing housing to a range of demographics with the following targets:

  • 20% of homes as Social Housing managed by Housing Choices Australia
  •  35% of homes as affordable housing
  • ~10 Specialist Disability Accommodation homes
  • ~40% of homes at market

The diversified housing model provides long term stability and resilience for our residents and enables institutional investment into the social and affordable BTR market.

Our BTR portfolio currently includes:

  • Five Melbourne sites
  • Seven projects (staged)
  • 3000+ dwellings

Our essential worker BTR developments will target 40%-50% of the homes at a 25% discount on market rent to improve affordability of housing in metropolitan areas. Targeted workers include, but are not limited to, schoolteachers, carers and social workers, medical professionals, hospitality and service industry, and arts and culture workers.

Upcoming BTR projects will be in Clayton and East Bentleigh, with further sites to be announced.

Build to Sell

Assemble will offer selective up-front ownership options for people ready for homeownership as a component of larger projects.

After years of research via our publication Assemble Papers, we were able to put our theories to the test with our first project at 122 Roseneath St. Clifton Hill. A Build to Sell (BTS) projects that demonstrated our design and community philosophy was not only achievable, but also in demand.

Future BTS projects to be announced.

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