A unique opportunity forkey workers at 393 Macaulay Rd. Kensington

All apartments allocated to the Key Worker Program have now been committed. However, if you're interested in the project we may have other apartments at market rate available, so please reach out to Lizzie via email.

We can all agree that COVID has highlighted the vital role that key workers play in our society.  We collaborated with the City of Melbourne in 2021 to design a Key Worker Program, where seven reserved apartments at 393 Macaulay Road,  Kensington were offered with a 20% rental concession.

As part of Assemble Futures, the eligible key workers receive a 20% rent concession for the total lease period (five years), and the option to purchase the property at an agreed price at the end of the lease period.  Please note, the concession applies to the rental amount only; not the purchase price.


Assemble Futures

Assemble Futures allows you to rent your home for five years while you save to buy it, treating it as your own from the day you move in. The rental fees and future purchase price are agreed upfront, so you have a fixed goal to save towards. If life takes you elsewhere and you decide not to purchase, you can hand back the keys and have your bond released as per the standard RTBA process.

You will be supported throughout your lease period with free financial coaching and bulk buying discounts on many everyday items, such as coffee, toilet paper, car rental and toiletries.

393 Macaulay Rd.

393 Macaulay Rd is our first project to be delivered via Assemble Futures. Located just three kilometres north-west of Melbourne’s CBD in Kensington, 393 Macaulay Road was designed by Fieldwork, and comprises of 73 apartments. This project is currently under construction with resident due to move in mid-late 2021.

At the heart of our design is a landscaped, open-air walkway that will bring cross-flow ventilation and dual aspect natural light to our residents’ homes. The entire community will be connected through communal spaces on the upper and ground floors: places for work, eating and leisure. You can read more about the project in the brochure.

For more infomation, please reach out to Lizzie at [email protected]

Eligibility criteria

  1. The individual (or household of more than one individual) must not earn more than the moderate income range consistent with Section 3AB of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 as outlined below (note these income bands will be reviewed by state government 30 June 2021),
  2. The key worker applicant must be aged 18 years or over,
  3. The individual (or household of more than one individual) must be in some type of employment,
  4. The employment must be for a ‘Key Worker’ occupation, as described below, and
  5. The key worker applicant must work or be about to commence work within the City of Melbourne or surrounding suburbs.

Possible occupations (but not limited to):

School teachers

Carers and social workers

Medical professionals

Emergency services

Hospitality and service industry

Arts and culture

Social enterprise and not for profit

Moderate income earners as defined by the state government as of June 30, 2020:

$41,751 to $62,610

Couple, no dependent:
$62,621 to $93,920

Family (one or two parents) and dependent children:
$87,671 to $131,500

Please note, the government may change these amounts from July 1, 2021.

Register for more information

Applications have now closed. However, if you are interested and missed the deadline please reach out to Lizzie via email.