Residents start their Assemble Futures homeowner journey at 38 Albermarle St. Kensington

October 17, 2022

We’re thrilled to have welcomed residents of 38 Albermarle St. (formerly 393 Macaulay Rd.) Kensington into their homes, and Assemble’s first project delivered under Assemble Futures.

The 73-apartment development is an important step in our Assemble Futures Built-to-rent-to-own (BTRTO) strategy.

Initially developed with the support of ANZ, Assemble Futures offers an innovative pathway to home ownership, with residents able to rent the apartments for up to five years with the option to purchase the property at the end of the lease period. Residents are offered financial coaching and budgeting support to enable them to plan and save to better position them to achieve home ownership.

“Assemble Futures allows residents to experience rental stability, while offering a crucial alternative pathway to home ownership.”

– Kris Daff, Managing Director at Assemble

Our community at 38 Albermarle St. is the first in a series that deliver on our mission – home for change – that we hope will provide fair housing options and help overcome some barriers to first home ownership.

With Assemble Futures, we are focused on providing high quality rental accommodation in desirable and connected locations, while also supporting residents to ultimately purchase their homes should they wish.

With their rents and purchase price agreed upon their sign-up, Assemble Futures residents can save and budget for their first home with certainty, without having to worry about volatile market fluctuations and being priced out of the market.

“Knowing that we have certainty over our living circumstances is a huge relief after twenty years of living in rental properties. Good design, environmental sustainability, and a strong sense of place and community are important to me and my partner. It’s exciting to be living in a community of people that come from all walks of life but share our values.”

– Felicity, 38 Albermarle St. Kensington resident

Designed by local architects Fieldwork, 38 Albemarle St. has a mixture of one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments. The project was created with innovative passive design elements, including an open internal breezeway, and communal spaces across the building, to provide residents with an extension of their apartments.

Our ground floor café and resident hub, Cassette, was designed by Six Degrees Architects, operating as a café for the wider neighbourhood, while also providing on-site resident services.

38 Albermarle St includes several key amenities and features, which will be a hallmark of all future Assemble projects. These include:

  • Operationally carbon neutral, with 33kw solar array powering the operation of the building, and Assemble Connect, an opt-in embedded energy network including 100% accredited GreenPower® provided by Hepburn Energy, high-speed internet and water heated by 100% renewable energy
  • Natural cross-flow ventilation via the open breezeway typology, and significant planting across the building by PopPlant
  • Extensive communal spaces helping to provide a sense of community connection and belonging
  • A unique service model which provides resident support on-site via the ground floor café
  • Strong transport links and easy access to other important amenities such as schools, healthcare services, shopping precincts and employment hubs.