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Our Ambition

We are a housing developer and community management business on a mission to make thoughtfully designed, sustainable homes more accessible to more people.

With a deep respect for people and place, we create communities that embrace diversity, reflect local culture and nurture a stronger sense of ownership and belonging.

We are building a better, fairer housing system. Building change. And while we started off small, we’ve now got the support behind us to scale for real impact.


Through Assemble Futures, we address the very real challenge of home ownership in Australian cities – our approach serves as a unique pathway to buying a home. It’s founded on the idea that while you might not be in a position to purchase your home today, you will be later on with the right tools and coaching.

Assemble Futures enables you to move in and rent your home while you save to buy it. Learn more.


Our values and ideas find a voice in Assemble Papers, a biannual free online and printed magazine putting people front and centre in conversations around design, housing, and social infrastructure and impact. Assemble Papers allows us to interrogate ideas and issues important to us.

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