Resilient communities in homes built to last.

Assemble’s mission


There is an enormous unmet demand from Australians who desire an Assemble way of life. Full living in a well-designed apartment, with community and sustainability at its heart. Assemble exists to address this. With fairer, financially accessible, better-designed housing in Australia.

We take a socially conscious and patient approach to property development. We deliver homes that are affordable, enduring in design, and enriched by locality and neighbourhood life.

Our first project delivered under the Assemble Model, 393 Macaulay Rd. Kensington, has been identified as one of Resilient Melbourne’s Resilient Communities. An initiative of 100 Resilient Cities, pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Assemble Model


The Assemble Model addresses the very real challenge of home ownership in Australian cities, bridging the gap between renting and owning your home.

We are deeply invested in delivering good design and rich community life. That’s why we’ve developed the Assemble Model: to allow you to live in your home and community before choosing to buy. It’s a long-term view that guides our every design decision and clarifies our commitment to our residents.


Assemble Papers

We publish Assemble Papers, an online and biannual print publication. This explores the culture of living closer together across design, architecture, urbanism, art, the environment and financial matters.

Assemble Papers allows us to interrogate ideas and issues important to our mission. It puts people front-and-centre in the discussion around housing and the built environment, and shapes our response to critical issues such as urban inequality and climate change.