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Over the last seven years, Assemble, through its publication, Assemble Papers, has explored ‘the culture of living closer together’ across design, architecture, art, urbanism, the environment and finance. The magazine has since built a large community and network of passionate readers and Assemble residents and supporters.

Assemble Papers puts people front in centre in the discussion about housing and the built environment. The publication stands for optimism and the hunger to understand context; to join the dots between the ideal and the practical; to advocate for the local while participating in an international conversation.

Assemble has evolved significantly since Assemble Papers was launched in 2011. What has remained consistent throughout this period of growth and change has been how we have communicated our values and philosophy of small footprint living through Assemble Papers. We believe living in well-designed and considered apartments provides a great quality of life that treads lightly on the planet and fosters community; ultimately helping our cities grow more sustainably.

Issue #12 launched in November 2019 and is available for free at select locations around Australia and internationally. The issue traverses resilient and connected communities, alternative housing models in Bangkok, Germany, Melbourne and Los Angeles, decolonising cities, and living lightly on the land.

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