122 Roseneath St: Starting with Community – Part 2

Our publication, Assemble Papers, sit down with residents Jessie and Cameron from our first building, 1​22 Roseneath St, Clifton Hill. Launched in 2016, this project served as testing grounds for putting our approach to community and design philosophy into built form.


Assemble Papers issue #11 ‘Transitions’

We live in a time that demands necessary change: but how do we face this urgency with a spirit of community and altruism? Print issue #11 of Assemble Papers, ‘Transitions’, looks at necessary change awaiting our cities.


Assemble Papers issue #10 ‘Housing’

What role can we play in the writing of our city? Print issue #10 of Assemble Papers, ‘Housing’, looks at how we will live in the future, and how we can ensure that all citizens are provided for – from ‘housing first’ approaches in Finland, to housing co-ops in the Netherlands and innovative financing in Melbourne.