Are you using the right budget for you?

May 31, 2021

A budget gives you the freedom to spend money without the guilty conscience, but it needs to be something that you can use with ease and maintain consistently.

Using a budget is great, however sometimes we can find ourselves dreading it’s very existence!

It’s widely accepted that we are all different people with different ways to work, spend our money and live our lives, but have you ever considered that because of that, we may also need a different budget than someone else?

In the same way different people require different ways to manage their lives, we also need different ways to manage our money.

If you’re a detailed focused person, then it’s reasonable to assume that a more detailed budget will suit you. If you’re more of a ‘big picture’ style person, then a detailed budget has the risk of making your head explode! So choosing a budget that works for the type of person that you are is very important.

There are many budgeting tools available these days however it’s important to remember that if it’s something that you’re going to find too difficult to maintain then it’s probably not for you. Choose something that you feel confident in maintaining (once you get the hang of it of course!) and that provides you with the information that helps you to best manage your money.

We’ve created a few budgeting tools to help and there are also some great free Apps available too which we’ve provided the links for below:

Assemble Know your numbers

Assemble Cashflow Forecast

Assemble Cashflow Forecast – Weekly

Frollo App

Humaniti App

Money Brilliant App

If you have any questions on setting up your budget please contact Sarah on [email protected] for assistance or book a Check-In Session for a chat.


Photo by Rafaela Pandolfini for Assemble Papers.