Covid-19 financial survival guide

April 9, 2020


In the challenging time that we’re all experiencing right now, everything can feel a bit overwhelming. Information is changing rapidly, and our circumstances may be in limbo, which can be very difficult to deal with.

It can be especially unsettling if you’ve always been a financially independent person and you’ve suddenly found yourself in challenging circumstances, financial hardship or without an income through no fault of your own.

As hard as it may seem, we need to find new ways to feel positive and move forward with the current situation that we’re in. When there is so much uncertainty in our lives, it’s essential for us to try to control what we can. If we can regain some control, it creates more certainty
and we can start to feel more settled and calmer moving forward.

With so much information available to us though, it can be hard to know where to begin, so we’ve put together some up-to-date information to assist with managing your finances during this time.


Assemble’s Covid-19 Financial Survival Guide


Photo by Rafaela Pandolfini for Assemble Papers.