Group Session 3 Recording

March 4, 2021

Money Personality Archetypes

In group session 3 we focus on understanding our ‘money personalities’ and how they relate to our saving and spending habits.

By understanding our money types we will learn how to make more conscious money choices. The result of this aims to improve the money dynamic in our daily lives and to better manage our behaviour to reach our financial goals.

Do you ever set goals and then wonder why you don’t achieve them? We also explore why we don’t implement all the things that we know we should when it comes to achieving our goals successfully.

Please make sure you have completed the Quiz – What’s your ‘money type’? and have your results with you when watching the recording.

Take the Quiz

You will also need to download the following exercise for this session – Create Empowering Beliefs exercise

Remember to have something to take notes on (e.g. laptop or notebook + pen) and as always, please bring along an open mind to the session!